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Buy One Entree, Get One Free at Pei Wei!


And all you have to do is watch a 37 second video!  Just go to www.peiweimarket.com, watch the short clip, and enter your email addy to receive a BOGO coupon, via email.  Helloooooo, Pad Thai!




Happy Belated New Year!  I thought the creation of my first blog was appropriate during a time of resolutions and new beginnings and positive changes.  Like millions of Americans, I am on a mission to eliminate debt, stick to a budget, and maintain a fun lifestyle.  With the help of Dave Ramsey (thanks baby brother!) and the drive to be financially stable, I intend to make wise financial decisions on a daily basis.  Hopefully, this blog will keep me on track.

Today at the gym, I watched “Mary Talks Money”.  In this particular episode, Mary Caraccioli interviewed three women who were shopaholics.  One, specifically, said something that kept my interest… “High heels make us feel…. high.”  She is sooo right.  She was referring to the purchase of shoes or handbags or accessories that give so many women a sense of euphoria.  I left the gym knowing that the release of endorphins from working out would have to be my “high” for the day, or maybe the buy one get one free coupon that my boyfriend and I used at Bruegger’s. (If your city offers Citipass books, you absolutely must invest in one.  The $25 book is worth every penny and offers tremendous savings.)

Until next time, google Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps…