Gigi’s Cupcakes are anything but scary!



Beach Bum


Well, it took me a week to get off of island time!  Eight days with your toes in the sand and no use for a clock or calendar is THE life.  Sure, I was lazy and lounged around and gained a million pounds from all of the delicious dinners and late night munching while playing Spades, but I also found a few bargains at the local Maxway.

TI (Topsail Island) koozies in red for Andrew (the die-hard NCSU fan’s favorite color) and teal for me – $1.00 each!

A jungle theme shower curtain for the guest bathroom in chocolate brown – $2.50!!

And, my very own floppy sun hat for $9.99!

Now, I’m getting excited about the fair and Halloween!  Lots of deals, sales, and fun times to look forward to!



Do you remember how you felt, as a child, to excitedly look forward to a super fun family vacation?  Do you remember counting down the school days until summer vacation?  Do you remember the nostalgia that began after Thanksgiving and lasted through Christmas?  Okay, so this one still happens for me…  Well, here’s another one of life’s highs – paying off a credit card.  I was on target to pay that sucker off in December, but fate had another plan.  I know you’ve heard of the gold-buying sales commercials.  I was skeptical, too.  Skeptical until two co-workers racked up.  This past Saturday, I took a handful of gold jewelry (two necklaces with two charms and two bracelets) to Bailey’s in Cameron Village.  The place was buzzing with other hopefuls like me.  I left with a nice check and used that to pay off the credit card early.  The debt snowball is gaining speed and the baby steps are more within reach.  I am far from done, but this accomplishment gives me the motivation to keep on keepin’ on.  Here’s to motivation, and here’s to GOLD!

Gift Idea!


As to not spread myself to thinly during the holidays, I like to buy Christmas gifts all throughout the year.  Yesterday, I was at my favorite store in the whole world, Stein Mart, and saw the most adorable gift for Morgie.  At 5 years of age, I think she will appreciate the yummy package and the cute necklace.  I can imagine her now – coloring at her desk in Kindergarten, setting a trend!

The cupcake box:

And opening the lid reveals the cupcake necklace.  Sweet!

The cupcake treat is also available in teal and purple… and is a whopping $8.99!